Pinadd Global Media Corporation

Specialize in BRANDING, interactive design, development solutions, viral marketing for web and mobile applications. Our clients vary from government to innovative start ups.

We are involved throughout the entire process ensuring that everything is handled with the focus and attention necessary to achieve our clients objectives. Our philosophy is to stay ahead of communication technologies and emerging media trends.


We are in perpetual innovation.

Creative - Unique - Effective

Industry Expertise

Our knowledge has advanced our appreciation of marketing issues to the point that we quickly identify the questions to ask and solutions to generate brand awareness.


How a customer, client, follower or fan identifies you becomes your brand. A strong brand is an invaluable piece of your marketing communication and business expansion.


We materialize the potential of your name brand, product or company. We are here to generate more revenue, exposure and recognition through innovative ideas.

Have an idea? Let’s make it happen!

Seed and Venture Capital investment supporting the most promising emerging ideas and companies, helping them to become a successful brand.